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Timber windows

We offer timber windows by Rationel. All windows by Rationel are made from laminated pine.

Flush frame timber windows

Flush frame timber windows (sash and frame stay in one surface in closed position) are widely used in traditional buildings and modern building where character of build requires timber as material. All windows by Rationel are made from laminated pine.

Rationel range includes 2 types of double or triple glazed frames:

Detailed technical information can be obtained from our office 01914478289 or at www.rationel.co.uk

Sash timber windows

Sash windows are traditional windows where sash of the window moves in vertical surface. There are two most popular styles of sash windows: Victorian and Georgian sash which are distinguished by shape and size of astricals and decorative horns. The choice is dependent on architectural style of the house. Please contact our office if you require advice.

There are two types of sash opening mechanism available: weight balance system and a spring balance system.

We offer sash windows manufactured from solid timber in soft or hardwood.


Timber windows range is available from the following manufacturers: