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Glass canopies and atriums

Glass canopies and atriums are glass and aluminium structures designed to enable the user a sheltered, draft free, comfortable use of their garden regardless of the weather.

Glass canopies and atriums by Solarlux

The system has been developed by German company Solarlux and comprises of aluminium or alu-timber roof and glass movable vertical panels which can be moved depending on temperature and wind direction. Glass panels are frameless so the garden views are not obstructed. On the sunny days the glass panels can be moved to the side so the area can be used as a patio.

The system can be attached to the property or be a free-standing structure to create an entertaining centre of your garden. Glass canopies and atriums have become increasingly popular among restaurant owners as well as private customers enjoying garden parties.

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Glass canopies and atriums range is available from the following manufacturers: